Product Maintenance


- Use a screen protector on your smartphone to prevent marking from credit cards

Do not:

- Leave the product in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces, as this can damage the leather and glue
- Overfill the pockets with cards.  The wallets are designed for 3-4 card only
- Stretch or pull the rubber that surrounds you phone, as this will damage the integrity of the rubber to hold your smartphone in place.

Cleaning Instructions:

Wipe the leather with damp cloth to clean.

The image on the tablet case or wallet is produced on a special fabric material, so wiping with a damp cloth may not remove all marks.  

The image is coated with Scotch-guard, making it waterproof and this helps prevent staining.  

However; the nature of use means the cover/case is handled almost constantly. Overtime general dirt marks will appear on the fabric. As such we recommend that customers clean the image periodically when marking occurs.  This will ensure the image stays at its best.  

Please view the following instructional video on how to best clean your wallet or tablet image.